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Why does your business need a blog?

There is no denying that the sheer growth and popularity of the internet has revolutionised the world as we know it. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to connect with people anywhere in the World, explore the depths of human knowledge and, most importantly, watch hours upon hours of funny dancing animal videos on YouTube.

For businesses, the internet has provided a whole new way to engage with customers and sell services not just locally but around the globe.

Regularly we’re asked “Why do I need a blog?” Never fear, we’re here to help. So grab a coffee and relax as delve into one of the most popular methods of engagement on the web: Blogging. Continue Reading

Why Brands need to become more Human

The typical image of businesses we grew up with is that of the nameless, faceless corporation. They operate behind their huge, cold, stone walls, and we don’t really expect them to care about us one way or the other. It was a simple transaction: I’ll give you my money, and you’ll give me your product (or service) in return.

We say “was” because all that has now changed. These days, and especially because of the rise of millennials, customers expect to actually be happy with your brand before they fork their cash over.
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