Free Font Friday – DUAL 300

By February 2, 2018Design, Typography

Free Font Friday is a series of free fonts posted the first Friday of the month! We’re looking forward to bringing you lots of great fonts that will hopefully inspire and improve your typography work. This month we’ve selected DUAL by Charles Daoud for you and there’s a handy download link at the bottom. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section and make sure to come back for more next month!

No matter the time or project, you can almost never go wrong with a stunning minimalist sans serif font. That is exactly what we have for you in the month of February.
DUAL is a full width sans-serif typeface with an experimental side. Inspired by fonts such as Gotham, Proxima Nova and Neue Haas, Its straight lines and 90 degree angles give it a very geometric feel without hindering its legibility.
There are six weights available right now, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600, with only the weight 300 being free. You can purchase the full family, or stick to the free version.
Though there have been many “experimental” fonts released lately, it does have its unique features. For starters, it is a fully usable and legible font in its original state.
Also, its 251 alternate glyphs and 10 stylistic sets are, of course, its main attraction making DUAL a very versatile typeface for any user, from the casual designer to the hardcore artist. Finally, it has extensive additional language support for the Americas and parts of Europe.
With its 563 glyphs, It’s actually two fonts in one, and thus the name DUAL.
Below are some examples we created for you to see how DUAL can be used, and right below the examples is the link to where you can either purchase the full family, or acquire the free version, DUAL 300.

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