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Free Font Friday - Phenomena - Purple Panda Media

Free Font Friday – Phenomena

Free Fonts Friday is a series of free fonts posted the first Friday of the month! We’re looking forward to bringing you lots of great fonts that will hopefully inspire and improve your typography work. This month we’ve selected PHENOMENA for you and there’s a handy download link at the bottom. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section and make sure to come back for more next month!

Phenomena is a stunning and modern sans serif font based on round geometric shapes.

It has condensed proportions and a slight retro feel. The rounded corners soften the overall perception and supplement of the geometric aesthetics of this font family.

Phenomena is compatible with a wide range of languages, extended Latin and Cyrillic character support, as well as Bulgarian localisation features. With over 500 glyphs, Phenomena can be used for a wide variety of design and development needs.

Phenomena is free for both personal and commercial use, meaning with the download you will receive the license and will be able to use it for whatever, whenever, and however you like!

The font is designed by Radomir Tinkov and Plamen Motev.

Download PHENOMENA here

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