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Free Font Friday - Saros - Purple Panda Media

Free Font Friday – Saros

By October 6, 2017Typography
Saros Free Font Friday

Free Fonts Friday is a series of free fonts posted the first Friday of the month! We’re looking forward to bringing you lots of great fonts that will hopefully inspire and improve your typography work. This month we’ve selected SAROS for you and there’s a handy download link at the bottom. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section and make sure to come back for more next month!

Saros Free Font Friday

Saros is a flexible slab-serif font that aims to project reliability and personality for type on print and screen. It is constructed dimensionally, offering striking forms at display sizes and consistent readability in very small sizes, meaning Saros can be very useful for many purposes.

It will look nice as headlines, logo or branding, posters and banners. But it also open for body text, book, and other small size presentation. And the best part, it’s totally free!

This wonderful typeface was created by Brendan Stetzer, so check out on his website for more of his works and don’t forget to hit the appreciate button when you like his works.

Below you will find a few examples of how this font can be used, it pairs really well with warm tones, is great for bold texts, as well as small text pieces.

saros free font fridaysaros font free friday

Download SAROS here

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