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Why you should invest in Professional Design. - Purple Panda Media

Why you should invest in Professional Design.

Say you need your plumbing done, or perhaps your business taxes handled with professional care, you would most likely hire a professional in the respective fields to do those. Why not hire a professional to design and develop your company’s brand?

But your cousin’s uncle’s brother’s nephew’s son plays around with Photoshop as a hobby, so what can go wrong? Business cards printed at home and cut with scissors, homemade leaflets and adverts designed in Microsoft Word with 12 different fonts and every colour you can find on a rainbow, and don’t even start about websites that look like they were made in 1998. You know what we mean! That makes a professional designer cringe.

We have heard customers on many occasions ask about companies with the previously mentioned designs, wondering how professional these businesses are if their advertisements, flyers, leaflets, logos and websites look like that. How can a business deliver quality service if they don’t invest in their image?
Professional graphic design companies have extensive education in colour theory, form and function, marketing and advertising, packaging etc. If you are willing to invest in the resources that make your business a success, then you should be willing to invest in the image of your company, the image that you want your customers to see.

You may think: Sure, today’s world is fast-moving, social media aware, a world where the first impression counts, but my business is not based digitally, it’s been around for years and my customers are regular. And while that may be true, why stick to the same number of customers when you could potentially double it?

This brings us back to why professional design is so important. The first impression comes from the interaction or experience, not the service or product. Your service may be a smart one, but if the experience is poor, it will not reflect well.

Let’s take AirBNB for example, the popular BNB and accommodation rental website. Can you believe they almost shut their doors in 2009? Well, you should, because they almost did. At the time, while only making $200 revenue per month, they quickly realised why their service was not being used.
‘People were using their camera phones or using their images from classified sites… you couldn’t even really see what it is that you were paying for,’ observed Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia.

AirBNB’s solution? A service they called ‘AirBNB professional photography service’ which involved photographers travelling to locations around their country, taking professional photographs of the locations and surroundings. They started in New York, and in a week, their revenue doubled. The service was a win for all; hosts will generate more interest, renters get better perspective of the properties and quality, airBNB makes more money through more bookings. It worked, because now, in 2017, airBNB is a household name when looking for accommodation and their business is valued at $30 billion today.

This brings us to the reasons as to why you should hire a professional designer, instead of an amateur. That is, if you’re serious about your business improving.

Design always brings a strategic plan, making use of more than the image, but also the message, ethics and everything that involves the company. Before we design anything, we need to understand the business, service or product, your business culture and your target audience, as well as your competitors.

Save Time

Most designers manage their time effectively while still providing professional quality results. We know the industry, we know the print requirements, the web trends, SEO, and so on, all so you don’t have to! Experience plays a big part in that as well, as we understand our software and our skills. A designer can turn your ideas to reality in no time!

Save Money

Let’s say you want a website created, so you go to a really cheap company… or perhaps your friend’s uncle. You find after a month or two that your website is constantly down, or even worse, corrupted as it was not built correctly. Or as happens so often these days, it doesn’t display well on mobile phone or tablet. A professional will utilise their knowledge in this situation, always keeping your website up to date and working smoothly.


Experienced professional designers will know the trick of the trade, how to utilise design to market your brand to your target audience. They will not only keep your brand and design consistent, but make sure it’s applied consistently across all elements of your advertising and marketing – on social media as well as in print – to develop a consistent and recognisable brand.

What’s stopping you from making it yourself? There’s plenty of online shops where you can purchase a corporate ID or logo. Great idea, NOT! Nothing is stopping other businesses from purchasing and using the same logo. A professional designer creates something that is unique and reflects exactly what your business is about.

To finalise, the next time you think about getting something done cheaply or “non-professionally”, stop, grab a coffee and think again.

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