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Journeying into Purple Panda Land - Purple Panda Media

Journeying into Purple Panda Land

Journeying into in Purple Panda Land (hint: it’s in Cawdor)

A post by our newest member of staff Henriette Stewart, on starting her job as a Web Developer with us.


The beginning of my journey into Purple Panda Land was when I went to the #hellodigital Extra17 event on February 20th and met Gary the Panda for the first time. Gary told me it was his 5th birthday and I joined his birthday celebrations and took a selfie with him and had some of his panda biscuits.

Following that meeting I have a sneaking suspicion that Gary put in a good word for me to Alastair because a little while later Alastair offered me a job as a Web Developer at Purple Panda Media.

I was over the moon at being offered this job! Not only do I get to work with Gary the Panda himself but also his lovely team of humans; Alastair, Elyas, Harry and Emma. I also get to work in a stunning location in a super-creative environment, and best of all; I get to do the job I love: Web Development.

Briefly about me; I’m originally from Denmark, I moved to the Highlands in 1991 and married my husband David in 1993. David and I met in 1989 when I came to work on his parent’s farm in the Black Isle for half a year where we just instantly clicked. David and I live in Evanton and we have 3 kids who are now in their teens and twenties. When I first came to the Highlands in 1991 I worked for Blythswood till 1996 when my son was born. From then I was a full-time mum till 2009 when I started my computing degree and graduated from UHI in 2012 and I have since worked as a Web Developer.

Selfie with Gary at #hellodigital Extra17

My first day at Purple Panda Media was a whirlwind of impressions. Alastair and Elyas took me on a virtual journey through all the various clients they are working with and then they took me out for a delicious lunch at the local Cawdor Tavern (where I ate far too much but enjoyed every minute of it).

As I was settling in with my first project that afternoon Alastair took my picture and posted a lovely greeting to me on social media, welcoming me to Purple Panda Media.

I have now been working at Purple Panda Media for just over a month and have firmly settled in.

A typical day for me is arriving in the morning, getting a pot of coffee on (if Alastair hasn’t already done it), checking slack messages and emails, catching up with Alastair and Elyas to work out the day’s priorities (including who gets to choose the music we will listen to in the office) and then knuckle down to the projects I’m currently working on.

Sometimes I take a break mid-morning, depending on whether I need a break or I’m deep in “the zone” and just want to keep going.

During my lunch break I try to get away from the computer, read a book or go for a walk in the fabulous surroundings of Purple Panda Land (Cawdor).

The afternoon is often when we have client meetings or internal meetings for discussing new or potential projects and then more coffee and coding for me.

As a web developer working here at Purple Panda Media is absolutely the perfect place. There is just the perfect mix of friendliness, flexibility and super interesting work to keep me sharp and happy.

And there is always coffee which is a must for me.

I have well and truly arrived at Purple Panda Land and am proud to be counted as one of the locals now.

Don’t worry, the little pandas won’t eat your snacks, they only eat bamboo. They are just very curious.

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