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Meet the Team: Elyas Shamaan - Purple Panda Media

Meet the Team: Elyas Shamaan

At Purple Panda Media, we take vast amounts of pride in the diverse talents and individualities of our team. The world of design is incredibly fast moving, and so evolution is one of our key values – so we often collaborate and draw upon each other’s unique skills and experiences.

We’d love for you to meet some of us – up today; graphic designer and illustrator, Elyas Shamaan.

Hello Elyas! Tell us about yourself and what you do here at Purple Panda Media?

I am a trainee designer at Purple Panda Media, but I also help with graphic design projects, illustrations and website mock ups!

Whats a normal day at PPM like for you?

It’s a day full of fun projects! We usually start the day by turning on the music, check our emails, and work hard on our projects.

Any tips for aspiring designers/illustrators?

I think the most important part of being a designer and illustrator is always improving. It’s good to appreciate your work but it’s also important to keep in mind that no matter how good your work is, it can always improve. Don’t be afraid to improve and face new challenges! In fact, the willingness to improve and the willingness to face new challenges and try new things is a recipe for the perfect designer.

Now on to the important questions; if you were a superhero, what would your name and power be?

What do you mean ‘if’… My superhero name would be Illusterio, and my powers would be to bring my illustrations to life.

You’re into Manga, any comics you would recommend to someone who has never read any before?

Please don’t assume manga and comics are just for children! The majority of manga is actually for adults!

What’s your favourite favourite?

My favourite favourite would probably be my partner. She’s supported me in every aspect of my life and pushed me to become who I am today. She also found the PPM post which advertised the job application!

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