“We think being in the outdoors can always be an adventure, if you’re in your back garden or up a Munro! We want children to grow up feeling connected to their natural environment and to instill a life-long love of exercise, learning and adventure.”

Starting out in business can be tough and it can be even tougher when your setting up a charity. With the majority of the Purple Panda Media team having children, Wee Adventure was a project we were really keen to get involved with. We created a easy to use, yet funky website that looks good and allows visitors to purchase a copy of “Let’s go on a Wee Adventure”.

Wee Adventure may sound small, but the ladies behind this amazing project have big aspirations!

“Purple Panda provided us with a superb website which they built from scratch to support the launch of our new charity, Wee Adventure. Very professional and personal service from a friendly team. Thank you!”

Abby Lucas | Wee Adventure


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