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Putting "Putting It Together" together. Creating the brand. - Purple Panda Media

Putting “Putting It Together” together. Creating the brand.

By November 6, 2017Branding, Design

We love every project that comes our way, be it small or big. But every once in a while we get those projects we receive a little extra joy out of! This project, logo and branding for Putting It Together Podcast, is one of those projects!

Brian approached us for a logo design and branding for his brand new podcast, which will feature actors, producers, and other great figures in the film and theatre industry as guests. Brian was great to work with, knew what he wanted, but was open to suggestions as well.

The logo went from PITPOD to Putting It Together, and  eventually included the tag line “Creative Conversations”. We also added the microphone Brian uses to record his podcast into the logo. As always, we start our logo on paper, as you can see above. We eventually move to digital, editing and fixing bits and bobs here and there, rearranging the objects, text, and work in monotone, and we slowly make our way to creating a colour palette and working the colours into the logo.

Below you will find the digital process.

Now you’ve seen the logo completely done from start to finish, we’d like to invite you to head on over to the Putting it Together podcast website by clicking the button below!

Putting It Together Podcast Website

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