WordPress 4.9 “Tipton” has arrived

By November 16, 2017News, WordPress

The latest WordPress update is full of exciting new features and here at Purple Panda Media HQ we decided it warranted a new blog post.

New Customizer features

The Customizer has been equipped with new features such as preview links which can be shared so your jazzy new design changes viewed by others before you publish them.

You can also now save your design changes as drafts in the customizer and specify a date and time for the changes to go live, and you can lock your drafts so someone else can’t make changes to your design.

Images and Galleries in Widgets

One new feature that is going to make life a lot easier for both developers and WordPress users is the new Media button in the standard Text widget.

Previously, if you wanted to add an image to a text widget you would have to navigate to the media library, upload your image, copy the URL and then manually add your HTML for displaying the image and then paste the URL into your HTML in the Text widget.

Now all you to do is click the Media button and add the image, just as easily as adding an image to a page or post.

An even more exciting feature is that you can now create and display the built-in galleries by simply adding the Gallery widget to your widget area. Just as easy as when you add galleries to your posts or pages.

If your appetite is whetted…

There are even more things that I haven’t mentioned here but if you would like to discover more about the new WordPress 4.9 update, head over to WordPress.org where they have a great write-up about it.

Lastly – if you’re now sure whether your WordPress site has already been updated or perhaps still needs updated, check out my previous post about where I explain how to check what version of WordPress your website is using.

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