Here at Purple Panda Media our design services are varied but all aim to provide you with the best solutions across both digital and print. No project is too big or small for Gary!

Web Design

Running a business without a website is like baking a cake without flour – it doesn’t work. Purple Panda Media can get you an online presence quickly and more importantly to suit your budget.

Here at Purple Panda Media we like to keep things simple and all our websites are easy to use and update.  We promise we’ll keep the geek speak to a minimum.

Already got a website that looks a bit rubbish? Contact us for a digital makeover!

Graphic Design

You may be launching a new product and need some help marketing it, maybe you need a catalogue or brochure designed or simply need to update your website. Purple Panda Media can help you achieve your goals.

Social Media

Social media is happening with or without you. Does your Facebook and Twitter tell people what your business is about? Does it have a purpose, a plan and a stagey? That’s where Purple Panda Media comes in. We can help educate you and your business in social media and use our amazing design skills to make it look pretty.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Looking to get more visitors to your website? Then you’ll need some SEO… and for that you need Gary!  For more information, contact us for a chat.